About the Treehouse

The treehouse is located close to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and Volcano Village artist colony.

As a volcano enthusiast living in the area for 20 years, I've been able to follow the life of the active pu-u o'o vent from it's first fountaining to present day. I came so many times from Oahu to see the volcano, i decided to live here. I was lucky enough to realize it's power and have succumbed to it's attraction over the years, experiencing many of its phases up close.

I continue to trek to wherever the lava is flowing and chase the thrill. To have been a witness of the life of a volcanic vent is a special part of my life. As a "kid from Jersey", I could never have guessed I'd one day have such a close relationship with a volcano. The tree-ferns and the forest became important for my new enthusiasm of treehouse building and living.

This treehouse is number two of three I've built, and after years of enjoyable living, I decided to share it with other connoisseurs of "adventurous accommodations." Recently the tree house has been written up in "At Home in Hawaii" for the February 2009 issue. you can read the full article by clicking on the article lead in image to the right.

Skye, the Treehouse guy